Dispute Management

At Njuguna and Partners Advocates we seek to understand the legal needs of the client as a priority. With our in-depth knowledge and experience in the legal profession, the firm comes up with practical and innovative ways to satisfy our client’s needs in our various practice areas.

Dispute Management Department
We work to foresee any disputes that may arise in various matters our clients are involved in and ensure that they do not become a barrier to our client’s needs. Through the vast experience and dynamism of our legal team, we seek to mitigate any disputes that impact negatively on the client as well as resolving disputes in a timely and efficient manner.

The various areas which this department deals in are:

Commercial and Contractual Disputes

We seek to understand our client’s position in a commercial transaction. Upon analysis of our client’s documentation, we provide legal advice that takes into account our client’s needs as well as their financial position. We represent clients across various fields in the business world such as construction, banking and manufacturing.

Employment and Labour Relations

We advise on the legal requirements under employment laws and drafting of employment contracts at both junior and senior positions. We provide legal advisory services on the procedure of terminating contracts and carrying out redundancies. We represent corporates, trade unions and individual employees in disputes in Conciliation, Arbitration and in the Employment Courts hence giving us a wealth of experience in employment laws.

Debt recovery and collection

We have a committed debt recovery unit that persistently pursues debtors. Our team’s priority is to ensure that we do not sever the relationship between our client and the debtor. Where the debtor is unwilling to pay, we institute legal proceedings in court against the debtor and afterwards attach any assets that the debtor has in order to settle the debt. We endeavor to deliver the monies to our clients within 72 hours of receiving cleared funds.

Constitutional and Judicial Review

Our legal team has a wealth of knowledge in Constitutional matters as well as Judicial Review procedures. We advise clients on various Constitutional issues and which form of legal redress can be sought from the courts.